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"There ain't no cure for the summertime blues," says the song. Rubbish, Scottsdale Gallery Association would say -- not only is it bad grammar, but patently untrue. Its cure: this year's Summer Spectacular Artwalk, scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, July 6. Various openings and related events at and around some 100 galleries are planned during this 11th annual midsummer-night stroll, a special edition of Scottsdale Gallery Association's weekly Artwalk series, on Main Street and Marshall Way in Scottsdale's downtown arts district. Among the many openings at this year's edition of the free event:

Galerie l'Asietique -- The space presents a show called "Cultural Adaptation," a show of contemporary Asian works that explore the influence of European and American forms on Asian styles. Featured artists are Rosa Leung Trombitas, Thuong Nguyen and Wei Tai. The show continues through Thursday, July 20. 7045 East Third Avenue. 480-421-1818.

Victoria Boyce Galleries -- The new space opens with a photography show titled "Picture This," with works by Christopher Brown, Jeff Gatesman, Talli Rosner-Kozuch and Scott Simpson. The exhibit continues through Wednesday, August 9. 7130 East Main. 480-941-2494.

Lisa Sette Gallery -- "Can't Match Your Swatch," a group show of works by such artists as Maurizio Pellegrin, Marie Navarre and Mayme Kratz, continues through Saturday, September 30. 4142 North Marshall Way. 480-990-73442.

Suzanne Brown Galleries -- "Visual Misperception," an exhibition of works in blown glass by John Miller, continues through Friday, July 28. 7160 East Main. 480-945-8475.

Joan Cawley Gallery -- "Artful Critters," canine sculptures by Angie Jestila, continue through Monday, July 31. 7135 East Main. 480-947-3548.

King Galleries of Scottsdale -- The space hosts "Contemporary Hopi Titles," featuring pottery by such artists as Steve Lucas, Mark Tahbo and Rondina Huma, as well as historic Hopi works, through the end of July. 7100 East Main, Suite #1. 480-481-0187.

Wilde-Meyer Gallery -- "Fun With Flora, Fauna and Fruit" (doesn't that sound filthy?), a group show of paintings by Kim Thomson, Nancy Pendleton, Jose Echeverria, Patricia Hunter, Brian Cook and other gallery artists, continues through Wednesday, August 2. 4142 North Marshall Way. 480-945-2323.

In addition to these and other openings and exhibitions, at many of which the artists will be present, the evening will feature live music, carriage rides, prize giveaways, food samples and free China Mist Iced Tea. For details call 480-990-3939.

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