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Art Basel Miami Beach 2012: Living Vicariously Through Arts Coverage by Miami New Times

If we didn't have our own First Friday plans (stay tuned for tomorrow's field guide, map, and new limited edition sticker), and about $1000 in our pockets, you better believe we'd be jet-setting to Miami to check out Miami Basel.

The annual celebration of contemporary art is one of the world's largest and showcases visual art and design as well as video, performance, music, and shenanigans by industry legends and emerging artists alike.

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If you're lucky enough to be on your way (or there already), be sure to stay tuned to our sister publication Miami New Times for updated coverage, illustrated guides, reviews, and art news. And if you're like us and staying close to home for the weekend, feel free to join in on some serious eye candy web gawking.

Miami's Carlos Suarez De Jesus and Hannah Sentenac and our arts/culture sister blog, Cultist will be checking out the scene and reporting back. They write:

More than 50,000 visitors will flock to Dade this week for hours of artistic insanity, all headquartered at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Inside, 260 of the world's top galleries will showcase art worth a total of $2.5 billion -- roughly the GDP of Guyana. With a resurgent economy and booming art market, experts expect record sales topping $500 million.

But Basel's impact resonates miles beyond the Monet-swapping confines of the convention center. Twenty-two satellite fairs will convert the entire tip of the peninsula into a rambling art-lovers' paradise, from South Beach to Wynwood to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and beyond. And dozens of concerts, club parties, and DJ sets will turn the 305 into a mini South by Southwest extravaganza.

Stay tuned to Miami New Times and Cultist for more info.

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