Art Detour 27 Made Important Phoenix Connections, But Artlink Didn't

Art Detour 27 organizers ran with a clear theme this time around: Connecting the dots. And they had some fun with it. Signs with giant red dots turned up in everything from dirt lots to planters. Green dot stickers sporting the word #phxdots hashtag got slapped onto all sorts of T-shirts and lapels. Dots started popping up on sidewalks running through Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue. Thankfully, no one sent around a "let's all wear polka dots this weekend" memo.

Artlink, the nonprofit organization that puts on Art Detour, is clearly onto something with this theme. We hear too often that "insider" venues aren't connected with "outsider" artists, that citizens aren't connected enough to the artists working in their communities, that artists in different sectors aren't connected to one another. But how successful was this year's event in connecting those separate entities?

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Lynn Trimble is an award-winning freelance writer and photographer specializing in arts and culture, including visual and performing arts
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