Art à la Cart

Plein-air painting was supersexy 150 years ago, when Monet and his indie impressionist bros trekked outdoors in search of the perfect natural lighting. Though these bad-boy artists were shunned for their bastardized practice during their careers, we now see their disciples – the retired, pony-tailed therapist wearing mandals and painting the scenery – on every major beach. Sure, we make fun of the impotent old farts, but they prove that the outdoor style is fully embraced in modern art. In the tradition of capturing the dynamism of movement in nature, Arizona native and Navajo artist Steven Yazzie has taken plein air on a wild ride through the desert with his "Draw Me a Picture" exhibit. The show features a video installation, paintings, and drawings that illustrate Yazzie's three-day trip to Monument Valley, where he created landscape works while rolling and jostling in a specially designed art cart. "[The car's] general design is similar to a Soapbox Derby car," says Yazzie. "No motor, no impact on the environment. Just gravity, wheels, and some cojones." Yazzie lectures about his work at 2 p.m. on opening day.
Jan. 27-Aug. 31
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Lilia Menconi
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