Arthur: British Billionaires and Their Shenanigans

Besides doing fun relationship stuff like arguing about how to discipline their dog, New Times blogger Tyler Hughes and his girlfriend, Jackie Cronin, go to the movies.

Tyler: Well, that was better than I expected. 

Jackie: Right? I thought this was going to be some sort of disconnected, story-less fun fest like Grown Ups. But the story was good enough to support all of the hilarious scenes between Russell Brand and Helen Mirren.

Tyler: Yeah, it was nice seeing Helen Mirren, who played Hobson, playing something other than a British Queen. She played the straight faced, sarcastic caretaker very well and she was the perfect foil to Russell Brand's ridiculous playboy billionaire. 

Jackie: Yes, and the ridiculousness was awesome. Like dressing up as Batman and driving the Batmobile from those Tim Burton Batman movies around New York. Or, my personal favorite, scoping out people who look like other people on the street, "Look it's the lesbian Simon and Garfunkel." British billionaires have the best shenanigans.
Tyler: Yes, the shenanigans were definitely the best part of the film. The plot was just a bit predictable but it served the film well. Basically, Arthur is supposed to marry Susan, Jennifer Garner, in order to keep his billions, but he falls in love with Naomi, Greta Gerwig, who is a free spirit like him. 

Jackie: Yeah, it was a little formulaic. Greta Gerwig was really good though and was kind of a stand out for me. She was really cute and was kind of like a fresh Zooey Deschanel, although I don't know if you can get any more fresh than Zooey Deschanel. She seemed to work well with Helen Mirren and Russell Brand

Tyler: Yeah, they played off of each other very well. Russell Brand had a kind of British charm that was way better than his usual stand up or hosting gigs. He is actually pretty likable with a script. It was interesting how the film focused on his alcoholism, and his sloshed scenes reminded me of a rum-soaked Jack Sparrow.

Jackie: There was definitely just a wee bit of Johnny Depp channelling going on there, but it all worked well. Jennifer Garner had just a bit of a smaller role than I thought she would, but it was fun seeing her as the semi-psychotic potential heir to the billions. The scene with the magnet bed was pretty dang funny, as well as the scene with the photo shoot. 

Tyler: There were so many one liners flying around in this movie that it was hard to catch them all through all of the laughing. Especially between Arthur and Hobson. I probably missed half of the lines because the laughter was so loud in the theater. 

Jackie:  No kidding. The ending was predictable but it fit the story of the film, although I think they could have done just a bit more with it. Arthur had some pretty interesting hobbies though, like collecting famous movie cars. He was definitely the focus of the story and all of his  one liners really drove the film. I feel though that giving Brand a remake of a 1981 film starring Dudley Moore was kind of a Hollywood test drive. 

Tyler: Oh, I didn't know it was a remake, though it does make sense. Russell Brand had really only been in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and its spin off Get Him To The Greek before this. 

Jackie: I might expect him to be in more films in the future, as long as he sticks to some sort of script. He certainly capitalizes on his British charm.

Tyler: Are you sure it's worth people talking in horrible British accents? Like that couple walking in front of us? It was like listening to a drunk Johnny Depp mixed, for some reason, with Christopher Walken.

Jackie: I guess we'll see, those accents were pretty horrible.

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