Best of Phoenix

Artist Jeff Falk Merges Past and Present

Best of Phoenix hits newsstands Sept. 26. In conjunction with this year's Vintage Phoenix theme, New Times is collaborating with R. Pela Contemporary Art to present "Hot Plate!" It's an exhibition of one-of-a-kind, Phoenix-inspired commemorative plates made by local artists. Leading up to the show's Oct. 4 opening, we're profiling each of the contributing artists and visiting their studios. Today: Jeff Falk.

Jeff Falk is an artist inspired by memories, so it comes as no surprise that he spends a lot of time in thrift shops. The objects he finds there are often incorporated directly into his work, which can best be described as mixed media. But the memorabilia is also scattered about the old house that he and his wife, fellow "Hot Plate!" artist Annie Lopez, have been renovating in midtown Phoenix for the past few years. Though Falk was born in Kansas, he has made a home for himself in the Phoenix art scene, of which he's been an active member since the early 1980s.

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Katrina Montgomery