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Artist Jen Urso Seeks Funding for "The Things in Between"

Local artist Jen Urso has one month to raise $10,000 to fund her latest project. 

"The Things In Between" is born from Urso's fascination with vacant lots in Phoenix and reading body language. While the two may seem unrelated, Urso hopes to bring them together to examine the moments between conversation and physical structures, and to add value to things that are often overlooked.  

Urso's a self-described risk taker. She chiseled a 350-pound rock and scattered the pieces around Phoenix after a show at The Icehouse in 2008, and you may have also seen her work at eye lounge, Artlink's A.E. England Gallery or Modified Arts.

This year, she was selected to join the United States Artists -- an online community that helps creatives around the country develop new projects and raise money. Urso has until midnight on March 18 to fill the bank for "The Things in Between," and she says that if she doesn't reach her $10,000 goal, her project can't be completed.

Urso says donations will go toward materials and production costs for 100 limited-edition books as well as an exhibition. She's also planning on thanking her supporters with work from the project. For $25 donations, she'll be giving prints of her own photographs, and the highest donors will receive their own "Things in Between" video, filmed and edited by the artist.

Once the fundraising campaign and project is complete, Urso plans on exhibiting at Modified Arts from April 15 through May 14.

Anyone interested in making supporting her project can do so and track of her progress at the The Things in Between website.

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Jessica VanZalen