Artist Kara Roschi on "Complicit" at Practical Art

You have eight days to get to the "Complicit" art show at Practical Art. And, if you make it to the closing reception on Friday, April 30, from 7 to 9 p.m., you'll get the chance to participate in an "egg breaking extravaganza."

You heard that right.

Artists Kara Roschi and Nicole Dunlap created multi-media wall sculptures that are all about egg-breaking. We'll let Roschi explain it in her own words (after the jump).

What does the artwork look like?
The show is comprised of wall-hanging woodblock assemblages designed as mechanisms to break eggshells; these were my constructions. For each piece, Nicole composed an accompanying photograph of broken shells exposed onto a 9"x 9" wood panel.

How did the idea for this series come up?
Each piece is representational of a fragile moment between myself and various other people. There's a precarious tipping point, a slow grind, and an abrupt smashing, among others.

Nicole shot a beautiful series of broken eggshells in black & white about a year ago. Her panels depict the possible outcome of the shell; they act as a visual suggestion.

Why eggs and not some other breakable (like glass)?
I like the soft, round form of the eggs against the roughly-hewn structures and how the shells hark to the whiteness of the gallery wall, but mostly, it's the immediate recognition of its extreme breakability. And it's not manufactured - it's organic.

How often do you have to replace the eggs?
The Practical Art staff sends me off a text message whenever there's breakage, and I come in as quickly as possible after. It's important to me to be the only one who replaces the egg. The participant then becomes complicit with the artist in the destruction.

Are the eggs cooked or do they have runny insides?
Neither!  The eggs have been blown out so they are just the hollow shells, though I performed a little repair work over the holes at each end of the egg, so it's not readily apparent to the casual viewer.

What's the strangest reaction you've witnessed?
Oh! There's been a number! A few folks who accidentally broke an egg have turned around with mortified faces to look at the staff, like, "Oh my God, do I have to buy this now?" I was even brought a picture of a broken egg that someone was inspired to break at home. I love it all. That's what interactive work is about, the extra space for participants to play, to make it their own experience.

"Complicit" runs until the end of April with a closing reception on April 30 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Practical Art, 5070 North Central Avenue, 602-264-1414, www.practical-art.com.

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