Artlink Announces Dates and Application Process for Art Detour 24

A new logo, a new map, and a big promise is coming from Artlink this week -- Art Detour is back in action

The annual artwalk/gallery tour is like a First or Third Friday, in that galleries host art openings, but Artlink says Art Detour is meant to introduce people from all over the state to different galleries during the day, for a whole weekend. 

According to the announcement, Art Detour 24 will be a "two-day, self-guided tour of artist studios, art spaces and other art venues in downtown Phoenix organized by Artlink, Inc in cooperation with the participating venues," currently scheduled for March 17 and 18.

Last year, we sent out a (not so subtle) suggestion that the volunteers who run Artlink should relinquish their duties, let the local galleries do their own thing (which they ended up doing anyway), and instead focus their individual efforts on strengthening the arts community year-round. 

And while you can hear a collective groan when last year's event is mentioned (mostly because of low turnout and poor organization), Artlink members and local artists say they're working together to make significant changes in this year's lineup. 

To participate in the event, or rather, to get your name on the official event brochure, map, and promotion materials, art studios must fill out an application and pay $50 (or $40 for Artlink members), which is half of last year's fee. Bar / Dining / Venue/ Retail /Organization are asked to pay $75 ($50 for Artlink members). Fees will go toward printing and design costs as well as advertising efforts. 

Art Detour 24 will also include a public hanging (the first in 20 years), in which visual artists of all skill-sets and ages can submit hangable pieces within a size limitation. And for $25, that piece of work will be displayed at Artlink's A.E. England Gallery during the weekend. 

Finally, organizers of this year's event announced there will be a "kid's detour," catered to the younger audience with craft tables, scavenger hunts, and gift bags. 

Oh, and there will be trolleys. 

This Sunday, Artlink is hosting a public meeting for artists, galleries, and stakeholders to gather ideas and support. And while we're certainly excited to see what they come up with, we're also not holding our breath. For more info, check out the Artlink website. Stay tuned for more details ...

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