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Ash Avenue Comics Hosts Biker Mice From Mars Release Party This Saturday

Comicon may be over, but don't let that you get you down, graphic novel geeks.

This weekend local publishing group Sloth Dojo is heading to Ash Ave Comics & Books for the signing and release party of Biker Mice From Mars. Created by Valley residents, artist and co-writer Chris Ness and writer Matthew Burke, Biker Mice From Mars picks up where the 1993 animated series by Rick Ungar left off.

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Set up as a six-issues series, Ness and Burke aim to appease both the readers of the comic and fans of the late animated show by preserving some of the shows original content while creating some new material of their own.

"Our comic will consist of six issues that follows the mice from a war on Mars to Earth in a new way that respects the source material while creating a new universe at the same time, " Ness and Burke said to Ash Ave Comics & Books. "We are hoping to get people to enjoy the comic as well as restore an old love of the cartoon or a new respect for it."

On Saturday, August 2, from 4 to 6 p.m., fans of the cults series can stop by Ash Ave. Comics and Books to pick up issues one, two, and three of Biker Mice From Mars as well as get a special two-page preview of the upcoming fourth issue. Creators Ness and Burke will also be in the store to sign copies and chat about the series.

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