ASU Art Museum's Short Film and Video Festival

Twenty top short films and videos from around the world will be up on the silver screen, and all you have to do to see them for free is bring something to sit on.

This Saturday's ASU Art Museum Short Film and Video Festival will showcase a batch of shorts (no longer than 10 minutes) made by students, professionals, and independent film junkies, alike.

Here are five films we can't wait to check out ... 

1. Toothless

A mockumentary chronicling a tooth fairy's fall from grace as she struggles to make ends meet and support herself with her dead-end job. If you ever thought fairies had any sort of majesty or class, this short will prove you dead wrong.

2. Werewolf Trouble

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A poor werewolf named Ryan wakes up only half-transformed back to human and is desperate to find a solution. The hilarity doesn't lie in Ryan's dilemma, but rather the indifference of his roommates.

3. Enrique Wrecks the World

An animated short about how a character learns that "actions speak louder than birds!"

4. Ex-Sex

The title alone has us intrigued, but the film promises to look into the emotional pros and cons of sex with exes. This Sundance and SXSW selection also shows off a pretty neat retro style trailer.

5. Eco Ninja

An office's attempts to go green get a little derailed when a hardcore Eco Ninja is hired on to help. If they fail to recycle it's nothing but kunai and five-point exploding fist techniques. Think Captain Planet, but more badass.

This year's Short Film and Video Festival is in the Nelson Fine Arts Center Plaza, directly behind the ASU Art Museum in Tempe. Films begin screening at 8 p.m.. For more info and a list of featured short films, check out the festival's website.

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