ASU Professor Andy Weed Doesn't Complicate His Clothes

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Weed moved to Arizona in 1970. He came with his family from Manhattan after his father grew tired of writing jingles for ABC. He graduated from Arizona State University and then began to travel. Weed lived, interned, and worked in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Basel, San Fransisco, and Seattle before returning to the Sonoran Desert to accept his position as a graphic design professor.

Weed's style first bloomed out of the simplicity of his Montesorri school uniform. As he grew older and became inspired by people like artist and educator Josef Albers, he realized that their clothing was similar to what he wore while in Montesorri.

When shopping, the 48-year-old's searches are textile-driven. He prefers to find a textile he likes, search for it online, and then have clothes made out of it.

You may see parallels between Weed's style and classical period dress of the 19th century. He describes his look in one word: simple. "That's my goal, anyway," he says. Weed's day-to-day look was once composed of khaki pants and a white shirt -- an almost perfect match to his home's minimal interior surroundings.

Another thing you won't find in his racks of clothing? Anything black. When asked about the lack of the color, he shrugs and states simply, "I just don't really like black."

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