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ASU Responds to Sparky Redesign Backlash, Looks for Fan Input on Another Makeover

Less than a month after Arizona State University unveiled the new face of its Sun Devil mascot, university representatives say they're encouraging students and fans to participate in a redesign.

Sparky the Sun Devil's facelift was the result of a partnership between ASU and Disney that was poorly received and widely ridiculed by ASU supporters and rivals alike for having a face that resembled something between the mask from V for Vendetta, the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee, and Billy from the horror movie Saw.

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According to an ASU release, the university is developing an online survey that will allow fans to "pick the features of the costume's head and face" (think horn color, eye shape, chin chisel, and facial hair options).

Because if Sparky's going under the knife (again), we might as well make it a team effort.

"Sparky is one of the best-loved mascots in collegiate athletics," writes Rocky Harris, senior associate athletic director for external relations. "The university is proud that so many people are passionate about him. We have listened and now we want to give members of the Sun Devil nation the opportunity to provide their input on some of the costume's features."

University spokespeople note that the official Sparky imagery used on the website and official documents will remain the same -- the updated Sparky will be seen at football games and in a forthcoming comic series created to attract a younger audience.

ASU will offer the survey from April 22 to May 5. Notifications will be sent out (likely alongside donation requests) to students, alumni, donors, faculty, staff, and season ticket holders that are on file.

The new(est) version of Sparky will be revealed on September 5.

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