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ASU Tinder-Style Dating App, Visionthenight, to Debut March 17

With more than 76,000 students, Arizona State University has the largest enrollment of any public university in the country. And while that number might speak volumes regarding its academic, athletic, and community programs, for one software developer it equals one thing: a whole lot of singles.

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Visionthenight is a new dating app by Daniel Mazzon that will debut exclusively at ASU on Monday, March 17. Essentially Tinder for Sun Devils, the application lets students make their nightlife whereabouts known -- what bars they're going to, when they're leaving, etc. -- in the hopes that other students might join them.

If those students just so happen to be single, their photos will be uploaded into a public album allowing other students to decide whether or not they're attractive. Once a mutual attraction is found (again, just like Tinder), the app will inform both parties what bars each person is going to that night, giving them the opportunity to meet in person over drinks (or, you know, show up unannounced and scare the ever-living daylights out of them).

Visionthenight will also help ASU students stay up to date on the bars with the best guy and girl ratios, book reservations for tables, arrange for transportation, direct and group message their friends, as well as get driving directions to wherever their mutual attractions might be.

Visit Visionthenight on iTunes for more information.

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