ASU Unveils the New Sparky the Sun Devil Mascot (Again)

Arizona State University's mascot has had a rough couple of months.

In March, the university announced that had called in the brain trust at Disney to help imagine a Sparky that would "appeal to younger audiences."

The cartoon-ified Sparky was poorly received and widely ridiculed by ASU supporters and rivals alike for having a face that resembled something between the mask from V for Vendetta, the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee, and Billy from the horror movie Saw.

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So the university went back to the drawing board.

For almost a month, university representatives encouraged students and fans to participate in a redesign. The university is developed an online survey that will allow fans to "pick the features of the costume's head and face" (think horn color, eye shape, chin chisel, and facial hair options). And after a month of voting, Sparky went back under the knife.

The result is Option B, which university representatives say "was designed to most closely resemble the original 1946 drawing of Sparky, created by former Disney artist Berk Anthony."

The new(est) costume will take to the stadium this fall.

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