Screenshot of "Yellow Jacket" by ASU students "The Yoked Control"
Screenshot of "Yellow Jacket" by ASU students "The Yoked Control"

ASU's MovieFest Screens 16 Short-Film Finalists on Monday

The Campus MovieFest, a student film competition we blogged about in September, has selected 16 short films by ASU students and will host a screening of them Monday evening at MADCAP Theaters.

If you go, you might get a good slice of the artistic diversity within the school's film program; film themes include a look at a child's imagination, a park bench, a hustler on the golf course, and a dinner date-turned spy battle.

The 16 were chosen from 32 films submitted by student teams that were loaned equipment to shoot and edit their films, courtesy of the fest. After one week, each team was required to return the equipment and a 5-minute movie.

More event details and a few of the student films submitted after the jump...

Following the screening, prizes will be given for best comedy, drama and overall film.

The screening in the Desi Reels theater of Madcap begins at 8 p.m., doors open at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free, but seating is limited to about 400.

Below are some submissions from ASU students:

"Yellow Jacket" by The Yoked Control:

"OVERKILL" by Mambo Grin Films:

"Breakout" by Second Chance Productions:

"Karmatic Revenge" by MTL Productions:

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