ASU's Tempe Campus for Fall 2010

The first week is never about what actually goes on during class. It's about figuring out what your schedule means by "the Brickyard," checking out potential lag-time hangouts and figuring out which path will save you three more minutes.

Here's a peek at our guide to ASU's Tempe Campus ...

Click on the picture (or right here) for a full-size, printable version.
Claire Lawton

And while ASU is often mentioned in a variety of top lists -- party schools, hot students, big campuses -- it's also a place to see and be seen. No worries; We're here to help you with both.

We'll be updating our tips and survival hints from time to time, but If you have any tips or tricks, feel free to share 'em in the comments section.

More recommendations, tips and a printable guide after the jump (and check back later today for a Field Guide to ASU Downtown) ...

On the Map:
- Cheap/Creative/Free Date Night: check out "Open House" events hosted by the ASU Astronomy Club on the last Friday of every month, where telescopes are available on top of the Physical Sciences building for viewing and info sessions.
- Old Main snapshots: If mom and dad need a photo of you "at school" to send their friends, this is where to take 'em. Old Main is the only traditional-redbrick-type building on campus and will serve just fine as an Ivy League backdrop ... just don't jump in the photo, please.
- People Watching is a very popular activity on campus. Popular perches include the Nipple of Knowledge, the tables in the shade by the MU, the cement tables outside of Coor, and the chairs set up outside every fraternity ...

Off the Map:
- The first week of classes is all about free stuff. The best places to grab it are the MU (of course), the Freshman residence halls, near the bookstore and in front of the SRC. Always take water and T-shirts when they're offered. They'll come in handy.
- After the first week of school when things start to settle down, so does everyone's modesty. Check out Palm Walk from the SRC to Palo Verde to see guys and girls in bikinis and bathing suits ... there's a reputation to uphold, after all.
- The Secret Garden. It should never be included on any ASU map, but you're more than likely to find it, especially if a few punks re-spray paint directions on the sidewalk.

Download, print and survive.

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Claire Lawton
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