Author Josh Bazell to Read from "Wild Thing!" at SMoCA Lounge

SMoCA Lounge will host best-selling author Josh Bazell on Tuesday, March 6, where he'll be reading and signing his new book, Wild Thing! a sequel to 2009's bestselling Beat the Reaper, published earlier this month.  

Bazell's first book was a gore-y, funny, turbo-paced page-turner with mobsters and goons. (There's a scene with a shark tank that makes us truly happy to live in the desert.) 

We can't imagine what he's come up with for Wild Thing!, though we do know this fast-paced sequel brings back character Pietro Brnwa (a.k.a. Peter Brown). 

Only this time the "Dr." finds himself a on a cruise ship as the ship's doctor. Uh-oh. 

Bazell's Beat the Reaper is being turned into an HBO drama series with Leonardo DiCaprio as the executive producer. 

He was invited to speak by brand new SMoCA Lounge Program Coordinator, Tania Katan, who says that in addition to being incredibly smart he is also funny and knows his stuff. And while this event happened rather spontaneously, according to Katan, future evening plans include live music and live, true stories. 

To see Bazell -- doors open at SMoCA at 6 p.m. and the reading begins at 7 p.m.. Only 100 seats available so make like Pietro Brnwa and act fast! Email: [email protected] to RSVP.

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Sativa Peterson
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