Awful Library Books: Two Librarians' Guide to Odd, Outdated Treasures

All right bibliophiles, hold on to your book jackets. We've all been told not to judge a book by its cover, but Awful Library Books is breaking the rules. 

​The online catalog is maintained and narrated by two librarians from Michigan, whose only criteria is that the books, found in actual library holdings, are amusing and/or contain questionable content (not for bad taste so much as not being current or containing relevant information).

We can't stop looking at the obsolete ugly cousins of the book world that are showcased including one of their latest entries, The Shy Man's Guide to Success with Women. The guide, written in 1994, is complete with a Starting Conversations section, which includes the line: "You sure have large breasts. Can we have sex right now?" 

​Just when you thought you couldn't make this stuff up, someone did -- and managed to get it published. 

The two discover most of these books while "weeding," which in library speak is the process of removing outdated, worn, or irrelevant materials from the collection. 

Each entry includes commentary from one of the librarians, accompanied by scans of the book's highlights, and a slew of angry comments from devoted readers. Evidently one man's outdated book can be another man's treasure.

Read more of the librarians' selections on the Awful Library Books website

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