AXE Body Spray for Women: Yeah, That Needed to Happen.

Perhaps the brain trust behind AXE didn't get the memo from every girl and woman -- detailing the pounding headaches, temporary losses in vision, and great punchlines that come with every bottle of their men's body spray -- it decided, instead, to give the opposite sex a taste of the party punch. 

No thanks. 

AXE Anarchy, the company's first roadblock fragrance targeted toward men and women, will be released as a limited edition along with a new graphic novel. Depending on the number of terrible Valentine's gifts sales, Anarchy might even become a regular in the lineup. Yipee. 

Check out the ads and a preview of the 'tooned fragrance after the jump ... 


Along with the lady musk (and because they had nothing left to lose), Axe announced the creation of a soft-core frangrance-themed graphic novel, also called Anarchy, which details what happens when two fragrances are unleashed upon the world. 

The great news: AXE is letting its oh-so-creative audience develop the plot.  

​On the Axe website, viewers can pick the main characters, choose the location for the action, and suggest plot points, and, uh, "developments" for each issue. 

The first edition, as well as online sales of the women's perfume, will be released tomorrow. So buckle-up, you horny, axe-soaked misogynists, anarchy is coming.

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