Bad Art: Online Sources For Creativity Gone Wrong

We all might like to think we're a bit creative in our own ways. And if you use said creativity in order to make a living, it probably comes with a healthy, daily dose of self-doubt.

So what better way to quell your insecurities than to relish in the failure of others?

The web supplies some fine examples of horrible art -- our culture of ironic humor demands such things.

The Official Bad Art Museum of Bad Art (OBAMA) is a small museum attached to a cafe in Seattle, WA. We wish they were local (or that someone around here would steal this idea) but, for now, you can enjoy some awful images on their lovely online gallery.

Read on for more delicious online sources for bad art.

The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) is what started it all. Founded in 1993, the first exhibition took place in the basement of a private residence in Boston, MA. These days, the collection can be found in the basement of a 1920s movie theater. With over 15 years of dedicated collecting of poorly conceived and executed art, the website is a real treat.

 MOBA inspired MOPBA -- The Museum of Particularly Bad Art. These folks offer an annual award for the worst art entered. One winning piece was titled, "Last Gasp Grannie." It doesn't get much better, er, worse than that.

And now we move on to some poetry. Some might argue that most poetry is bad. But we discovered a few sources of the most hideously embarrassing prose.

"The day is new, the sun shines bright; The zombies blink in the morning light." And that's just the beginning. provides a sanctuary for the worst poetry ever. And it's glorious.

We really love this that offers a critical and straight-up insulting break down of what specifically makes each poem awful.
And what about crafts? Of course, head straight to We know everyone's heard of it but each day brings a new surprise. It features the most hideous and shameful examples of crafting gone wrong. Case in point: bronze underwear.

And here's just a little something for fun: covers all the horrendous trends throughout the years just to remind us all that no one is immune to poor taste.

There. Feel better?

Now get back out there, tiger, and start creating. You can't possibly do worse that these poor souls.

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Lilia Menconi
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