Balls on the Wall

Artist Michael Marlowe brings new meaning to the term “ballsy.” Though his work won’t leave you feeling testy, you will end up seeing several testes. That is, if you mosey on down to the After Hours Gallery sometime between now and March 30, when the locally based installation artist has a collection of his most recent work, titled “XXL,” on display.

As the name indicates, the works are robust in both vision and size and focus primarily on the human figure. According to Marlowe’s website, they “look as though the body has been turned inside out.” Therein lies the irony of his work: he’s one of the few artists who’s not trying to turn the viewer’s stomach by virtue of shock tactics; rather, he’s turning the viewer’s stomach so that he can paint it.

Fri., March 4, 6-10 p.m., 2011
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