Bar & Grrl

The first time we went to the Coach House, we were dragged there by a sexy riot grrl/art chick with a thing for dive bars and booze. It was December, and the place was dolled up, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, with its infamous seasonal display of recycled wrapping paper, tinsel, and lights, which flashed red-green, green-red all night long on the goth chick’s death-head tats.


The next time we dropped in, years later, the joint seemed completely different but exactly the same, in spirit, and probably not that far afield of what it was when the Brower family first opened the doors in 1959. Still owned by Browers, it’s a woody, cozy, unassuming joint in a Scottsdale ’hood choked with art galleries, swank eats, and retail glitz.

The beloved bar, at 7011 East Indian School Road, celebrates its golden anniversary. There’ll be live music by Slave to the Groove and Rocket 88s and grub by rotating guest chefs, but everything else will be pretty much status quo, which means boozy convo in a low-key setting – and maybe a couple of liquored-up goth grrls if we’re lucky.

Fri., April 17; Sat., April 18; Sun., April 19, 2009
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Clay McNear
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