Beautiful Reminders

You Are Beautiful is an anonymous, Chicago-based campaign built by artists and activists and spread through the use of art installations, guerilla artwork, and the use of small stickers. 

 "The vision of the You Are Beautiful campaign is to focus on the utmost truth that unites us as a people: each individual is intriguing, complex and beautiful," organizers write on the campaign website. "With this realization, we are impelled to pass it along. Not following the status quo or daily norm, the objective is to look for a new manner to engage one another on a deep meaningful level, creating a new methodology of unified social consciousness."

The installation in Chicago (pictured above) was a collaboration of letters made by the following: 

Y Michael Coleman 
O Kelly Breslin 
U Emily Counts 
A Chris Silva 
R David Questa 
E Nick Adam  
B Mike Genovese 
E Karl Koett 
A Sayre Gomez 
U Matt Granstrom 
T Josh McPhee 
I Travis Wiggins 
F Sighn U Lee Piechocki 
L Jeremy Schulz 

The collective has installed similar works, murals, and exhibitions on the streets and in galleries around the globe. They also ship out free stickers, which you can grab by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: 

You Are Beautiful 
PO Box # 220175 
Chicago, IL 60622 

To see more of their work, check out the You Are Beautiful website.

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