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Becky Bartkowski Reviews "Fashion of the 1920s" at Phoenix Art Museum in This Week's Issue of New Times

Ah, the 1920s -- the decade of glamorous parties, sharp businessmen, women's rights, and prohibition. The optimism and change of pace in the '20s continue to inspire great literature and cinema (just think Gatsby) and continue to influence generations of fashion designers.

Phoenix Art Museum's "Modern Spirit: Fashion of the 1920s" was put together by the very fashionable and talented Dennita Sewell, who curates the museum's fashion collection and will be on view through February 10.

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New Times Calendar Editor Becky Bartkowski covers all-things-fashion for Jackalope Ranch. She took a stroll through "Fashion of the 1920s" and reviews it in this week's print edition. She writes:

The era is an obvious pick for a fashion show. The pop culture landscape is dominated by the '20s. Baz Luhrmann's upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby features Carey Mulligan in opulent gowns. Michel Hazanavicius' silent comedy The Artist and Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris glanced back at the Gilded Age with a stylized nostalgic glow. Meanwhile, Atlantic City's gritty underworld mixes with stunning replicas of the decade's styles on HBO's Boardwalk Empire. (Boardwalk's costume designer, John Dunn, recently lectured at the museum.)

But "Modern Spirit" ventures beyond the fringed flapper-wear you'd expect to see, revealing unexpected richness and variety.

Read Bartkowski's full review in the New Times' art section and see it yourself at Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 N. Central Ave.

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