Behind the Scenes of Chris Nash's Daddy Warblocks

An unlimited supply of LEGO blocks, loneliness, and the ability to have whatever you build become real in Daddy Warblocks, a story about one man's attempt to literally build himself a new life.

Written and directed by Arizona State University student Chris Nash, Daddy Warblocks is a short film that briefly follows the main character Conrad as he tries to build the things he's missed out on in life.

"I just kind of came up with the idea to have a story revolving around loneliness and a guy that could make things with toy bricks," jokes Nash. "When they asked 'How?' I just shrugged and then we did it."

Nash and his production team, Storybird Films, shot the original Daddy Warblocks in two days as a part of the A3F 48-Hour Film Challenge. They merited an honorable mention at the competition, but wanted to flesh out the story of the original more so and began planning to make a true short film for it.

The team began fundraising efforts through IndieGoGo and got in touch with professional brick artist Nathan Sawaya to build statues of the actors for the film. Sawaya is known for his toy brick art including statues of Stephen Colbert and Conan O'Brien.

"He just liked the idea," says Nash as to how he got Sawaya to participate in the independent production. "He liked that the story and that it [the film] was the first of its kind to promote his art medium."

Nash commented that the crew would begin filming Daddy Warblocks towards the end of June and have the short ready around August. The production is currently accepting donations for their film budget on their IndieGoGo page.

Check out the trailer for Daddy Warblocks below.

Indiegogo - Chris Nash and Nathan Sawaya on Daddy Warblocks from Storybird Films on Vimeo.

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