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Best of Phoenix 2011: Dig into the Local Underground with Our Interactive Map

Throughout the year, while deep in our search for the best "underground" spots in the Valley for this year's Best of Phoenix, we started an underground collection

The stories of Phoenix's abandoned bowling allies, hidden tunnels, museum archives, secret dishes, and more came with photographs, audio clips, videos, podcasts, and illustrations -- all local treasures that we (naturally) decided would best fit on a map. 

We dove into the cartography archives at the Phoenix Library, noted a few theme-park-guide inspirations, and found a local, underground illustrator, David Quan, who was up for the job (and game to paint a mural on our building). 

After talking to local historians and archaeologists, and digging a few tunnels of our own, we learned Phoenix may be on a grid but its underground is on a very different scale. 

So if you're ready to dig deep, check out our interactive, underground map -- you won't need a GPS or a shovel, but you should keep an eye out for the glowing icons (they're where the treasure hunt begins). 

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Claire Lawton
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