Betting Zoo

You might think that Alternative Race Day means lesbians in wheelchairs, but at Turf Paradise on Saturday, March 29, there’ll be a veritable Island of Dr. Moreau on the sandy racetrack, with ostriches, camels, mules, and pigs squealing out in place of the racehorses.

Speaking of animals, The Mayor, Dave Pratt of KMLE country radio, will be on hand to toss out T-shirts and Kenny Chesney front-row tickets (oh, sure, got your attention now, slut). Pratt told New Times his own Alt Race Day story aboard jumping on board as an ostrich jockey: “It was amazing how that nasty thing could run at full speed and still crank its head around to peck me in the forehead.”

Sat., March 29, 2008
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Leslie Barton
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