Beyond Buckskin and Presence 4.0 Present Native American Fashion Show at RA Industries

It's nothing short of a damn shame that when Native American fashion makes headlines, it's usually because of a fairly racist gaffe. See: Gwen Stefani's getup in the redacted music video for No Doubt's "Looking Hot," Urban Outfitters claiming "Navajo" clothing, and Victoria's Secret's use of feathered headgear.

To turn all that appropriation on its super-inappropriate headdress, why not take a look at what actual Native American designers are making? Lucky for Phoenicians with an eye for style, Jessica R. Metcalfe, of blog and online boutique Beyond Buckskin, and the founders of Presence 4.0, a Navajo-operated style blog, will team up to present an evening of Native fashion, dubbed BBB x P4, on Wednesday, February 27.

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With 19 Native designers, including Jamie Okuma (Luiseño/Shoshone Bannock), MaRia Bird (Navajo/Hopi), and Candace Halcro (Cree/Metis), from all over North America, the show will include jewelry, streetwear, high-end clothing, and a pop-up shop of select items.

Catch the free show at RA Industries, 15 East Jackson Street, in Suite 111, from 7 to 10 p.m. Metcalfe and the Presence 4.0 crew will be in attendance, along with members of ASU sorority Alpha Pi Omega and fraternity Phi Sigma Nu who will serve as models, co-hosts, and volunteers at the fashion show.

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