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Bibelot Games Presents "The Midnight Collection"

After Shea Looijen and Kristi M. Uhles' previous Kickstarter project,

The Reliquary Collection

, was funded well over its $16,000 goal, their Queen Creek-based company called

Bibelot Games

is back with a new set of leather pouch games (just in time for Halloween and Christmas).

Looijen and Uhles formed Bibelot Games earlier this year and have been designing games for as long as the two can remember. Their original pouch sketches and other designs for the games go back more than a decade.

The two say The Midnight Collection features eight new games in easy-to-travel leather pouches that when unwrapped double as a game boards.

"The gameplay runs the gamut from intense strategy games that take a long time to master to casual party games that can be picked up in a couple minutes," write Looijen and Uhles.

And while their games range in skill and strategy, they all maintain a level of campy humor that keeps everything lighthearted.

All the game pieces are made from laser-cut marble and walnut with unique symbols and designs. Looijen and Uhles plan to sell their collections on Amazon in early 2013 and promise they have plenty more in the works.To help fund their current project, check out the Bibelot Games Kickstarter page.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.