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Big Brain Update: Kim Porter

​In preparation for this year's Big Brain awards, we're checking up with a few of last year's winners. Our nominations closed today, but we'll continue our updates because these creatives are up to some cool projects.

Our Big Brain today: Kim Porter.

Since last April, Kim Porter says she's been helping playwrights and solo performers develop their new works at Space 55.

Her play "Munched" was produced at Space 55 in the fall, where she played one of the main characters. "Munched" was also picked up by a production company in New York.

In the cycle of writing, rehearsal, and performances at Space 55 (as well as the performance classes she continues to teach at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts), she produced and performed in the "Bitch In Time" series, built a fat suit for "Bakers of Lakewood", and wrote a new screenplay aptly called "The Condom", which she describes as "a love story about a one-night-stand that is foiled by the lack of a condom."

This year, Porter has a few goals:
- I want to get an agent so that all the many scripts and screenplays which are done with development but have yet to be produced can find a producer.
- I want to finish my dangling screenplays (I have two partially written).
- I want to produce my big life-raft play "Wake of the Bounty" and find a workshop series capable of helping me get my big musical "Blue Galaxie" up on its feet.
- I want to learn how to grant-write, so I can get some money to help keep Space 55 operating so we can continue to provide local playwrights with a place to develop their work.
- I want to take more improv workshops at the Torch Theatre.

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