Big Brain Awards

Big Brains 2013: Meet Past Winners, and Nominate Your Choice for This Year's Visual, Performing, Design, Online, and Craft Awards

If you (or someone you know) could use $500 for a creative project, pay attention.

New Times is presenting our fourth annual Big Brain Awards this year -- which means $500 cash prizes for creatives in each of the following categories: performing arts, visual arts, online, design, craft and culinary arts.

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The nomination process is simple: Go to the entry form and make a nomination (you can nominate more than one person -- even yourself) and tell us why this creative deserves to win.

Winners and finalists have included designers Jon Ashcroft, Safwat Saleem and the team behind SeeSaw Designs, performers Dulce Juarez and Marcelino Quiñonez, filmmaker Saxon Richardson, writer Kim Porter, artists Peter Bugg and Thomas Greyeyes, and fashion designer Rebecca Turley, to name a few.

We'll announce finalists in a few weeks and profile each before Artopia, the big party we'll throw to celebrate the winners (more on that coming soon).

Deadline for nominations is March 4.

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