Bill Burr Uses Flaws, Screw-ups, and Bowfishing to Fuel His Comedy

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Between his heavily downloaded Monday Morning podcast, his on-screen roles in movies including The Heat and such TV shows as Breaking Bad, and a schedule of cross-country stand-up shows every other week, it's a marvel how the man manages to bring a steady influx of new material delivering his unapologetic views on women, bankers, and the rest of society he could do without.

Leading up to his one-night-only show at Celebrity Theatre this Saturday, Jackalope Ranch caught up with Bill Burr over the phone to discuss upcoming projects, his favorite comedians, and the method behind his madness.

How did you get into comedy? I just always liked stand-up, and I had a buddy who said he was going to try it. Next thing you know there was a competition at Nicks Comedy Stop, "Find Boston's Funniest College Student," and I just signed up before I chickened out and that was it. Next thing you know I was a comedian.

This past year, you appeared in Breaking Bad and The Heat. Are we going to be seeing a lot more of you on screen now? Yeah, I just did a movie with Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer called Black and White; it'll be out next year. And I did one earlier this year with Elizabeth Banks and Ethan Suplee called Walk of Shame.

Was acting something you always wanted to do in addition to the stand-up? I mean who doesn't want to be in the movies? Fake gun, I get killed or something... It's fun.

People talk a lot about your impressive work ethic. Is that what is takes to make it in comedy these days? Or is that just how you operate? Well I can only speak for me. It's what works for me. I grew up, you know, watching people working the way that I'm working. I don't look at it like I'm working any harder than anybody else. I just get up and I work. That's what you're supposed to do.

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