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Bill Introduced to the New York Assembly Could Ban Anonymous Comments on NY-Based Websites

Internet trolls in New York had another reason to bich and moan (anonymously, of course) in the comment sections of the publications they love/hate.

Yesterday morning, Assemblyman Dean Murray and Sen. Thomas O'Mara introduced what they're calling Internet Protection Act (S06779) to the New York Assembly, that, if voted in and signed, would ban anonymous comments on all New York-based publication websites, which includes blogs and newspapers.

The bill "provides that a web site administrator shall remove any comments posted upon request unless the poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post."

No votes have been taken and legal experts say the legislation passing any kind of First Amendment test is highly unlikely.

So until further notice, keep rubbing your belly jewels and wreak havoc. We can likely still figure out your IP address.

Read the full text of the bill below:

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Claire Lawton
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