Bird-Watching Society

For a very, very long time, being an Arizona Cardinals fan was like befriending the weird kid in middle school. Deep down, you wondered whether you liked the person or if you just felt sorry for him. Either way, you rarely told anyone about it. When you did, you were quick to qualify it by saying something like, “Oh, I only hang out with him because his sister is hot.”

Now that the Cardinals are finally popular, it’s safe to shout out your support to the rooftops. Head to Cadillac Ranch for the Big Red Army Season Kickoff Party, which will feature live bands, a pep rally at 6 p.m., and photo-ops with various Cardinals players and cheerleaders.

Admission is free; a quarter of the Ranch’s proceeds will go to The Centers for Habilitation in Tempe.

Sat., July 25, 4-11 p.m., 2009
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Ed Kummerer