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Bizarre Bazaar at The Firehouse

The fine circus folk will be doing so as part of the Bizarre Bazaar at Downtown Phoenix art space, The Firehouse.

The evening of freakiness, billed as "The Greatest Show in Hell," will feature performances by local industrial music practicioners and power tool aficionados, Grindwhore, as well as sets by DJ duo Mess &* Phetamine and DJ Vex

Master of ceremonies Bryce "The Govna" Graves will host the debaucherous deluge of sideshow stars such as the sword-swallowing Chelsea NoPants, the fire-eating Jai L'Bait and Zamora the Torture King. Speaking of torture, Maegan Machine, a local model/musician/official sideshow bombshell, has volunteered to fall victim to the painful procedure as part of the bugged-out bigtop. 

Freak show favorites such as the bed of nails, the blade box and contortionism will all be on display. Last but certainly not least, the show will offer up The Human Block Head, a performance in which a nail is hammered directly into the nasal cavity. 

The Firehouse is at 1015 N. 1st St., Phoenix and the festivities kick off at 10 p.m. on Saturday, September 17. Tickets are $15.

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Ryan Wolf