Blast From the Pabst

Some guy must have muttered a prayer -- "Gee, St. Peter, a free pool day would be cool" -- as he shoved the quarters into the slot, because the heavens have parted and the late owner of J-Heads, Sid Copeland, is looking down from that big punk bar in the sky, chuckling.

Every Wednesday from 11 a.m. (that's still morning, for Christ's sake) until 2 a.m., men in all stages of manliness get free pool and 50-cent Pabst Blue Ribbons during Guys Night Out at J-Heads. Billiard buffs can hone their craft while swilling down the golden canned ale, and barflies can practice their pool game while becoming increasingly sodden. Our personal man-speak dictionary translates the phrase "Where's the remote?" into "Fuck it, let's go to Guys Night Out." However, our girl-speak thesaurus says, "We won't be there until after our mani-pedi."

Wednesdays, 2007
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Leslie Barton
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