Blast from the Past: Tamagotchi Pets Return in an Android App

Buckle up, Generation Y, your old best friends are coming back to life.

The brains behind Bandai and Sync Beats Entertainment originally released the high maintenance, time-wasting digital pets in Japan in 1996. Since, more than 76 million tiny egg-shaped computers with three buttons to feed, play, and pay attention to the Tamagatchi have been sold worldwide.

And if you have an Android phone, you can relive your early childhood and tween years (and likely piss off your boss).

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Blast from the Past: Tamagotchi Pets Return in an Android App

The Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Android app is an updated Tamagotchi interface accessible from your phone.

The app is currently free (though an ad-less version is 99 cents) and brings back to life the small alien species that hatches from an egg and subsequently demands food, water, playtime, and an occasional clean up.

When the game was first launched in the 90s, the pet could die in less than a day without proper care, sparking tiny anxiety attacks in young caregivers and Tamagotchi addicts. The developers have since updated the creatures' maintenance requirements -- but once you start playing, you might want to cancel your afternoon meeting.

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