Bleeding Thumb Whittling Club


But so arty.

And part of the whole whittling deal, which the Bleeding Thumb Whittling Club takes in stride and then some.

In amusing and comprehensive detail, the Blogspot forum documents the art of fashioning shapes and/or designs out of raw wood with a sharp knife (and don't you dare call it carving, because whittlers don't use chisels or gouges).

One of the blog's best features is the "Cut of the Week," a documentation of battle wounds from folks who got a bit too crazy with the process.

Other standout posts include final-product showcases, opinion pieces on the best whittling tools/methods, and a column about John Dillinger's affinity for whittling (the infamous bank-robber used a carved wooden pistol to break out of the clink in 1934).

The club has two chapters, in San Francisco and the UK, so until a chapter opens up in Phoenix, we'll have to rely on the blog to make us happy.

Check out more pictures and whittling madness at

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