"Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks

Bethany Keeley-Jonker's "Blog" is "pretty" 'darn' funny.""

Since 2005, the Athens, Georgia blogger and writer has exposed people's diarrhea of the quotation marks. And like real liquid feces, it's not very pretty.

However, it is amusing that Grammar Police Sergeant Keeley-Jonker is documenting violations for all to see. The University of Georgia graduate student hasn't done it by herself, instead relying on a team of grammatical purists to snap and submit photos to the Blogspot forum. The "Blog" even includes suggestions for corrective action.

Peter Breslin, a local Phoenix photographer and former New Times contributor, recently submitted a shot to Keeley's blog. It was featured on December 16.

Breslin explains that his image depicts "the only 'Hotel' in a tiny little fishing village on the Sonoran Sea of Cortez coast called El Desemboque, between Puerto Peñasco and Puerto Libertad," he says.

Breslin adds, "I have long been a fan of the 'Blog' of 'Unnecessary' Quotation Marks, and this photo seemed a perfect candidate, so I emailed it. Several weeks later, it was posted."

"Neat," huh?

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