Blogaldo: blogs that make us happy

Dugaldo Estrada, a.k.a. "Blogaldo," asks an interesting question at the top of his blog: "If your whole body were a hot air balloon, would you stop eating spicy food?"

Estrada's answer: "How would I get higher?"

This is the sort of cheeky humor that permeates Estrada's musings. By day, he's a server at Lola Tapas and an advocate for the local gay and lesbian community. By night, he's a club-goer and scene surveyor who describes himself as a "love-lorn, over thinking, under achieving, self-defeating, narcissistic and maniacal queer."

Estrada's blog is image and video-heavy, interspersed with things like his doodles and analysis of Olympic figure skating (because Johnny Weir needs more costume critics). He also covers offbeat topics like his experiences in local fiction workshops, and a Q&A with Lola Tapas chef Eric Gitenstein.

"Blogaldo" was recently praised by Echo magazine as one of the best LGBT blogs in the state. We think it's one of the best blogs, period.

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