Blonde on Blonde

The music biz can be as ferocious as any heartless entity. That is, unless you're a pair of gorgeous twins from Australia, in which case high-powered execs tend to roll out the red carpet for you. So it has been with down under dance divas Nervo.

Not that their rise to nightclub royalty would've been any less meteoric had they been portly middle-aged men (okay, maybe a bit), but the model-turned-musician twins are entirely deserving, being as talented as they are tantalizing.

Fresh off of tours with Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj, the anything but gruesome twosome wasted no time releasing their latest single “We're All No One,” in which the Aussie hotties flex a little electropop muscle a la Passion Pit and MGMT, almost as if they're looking beyond the dance floor and toward the airwaves.

Fri., Dec. 9, 10 p.m., 2011
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Rob is a Phoenix native, husband, dad, and an active member in the local music scene. He's written original songs for feature films.
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