Blowin' Smoke

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Then he decided Jung was just the guy he loves to make movies about: the anti-hero who starts out noble and pure and ends up knee-deep in a world of shit he created. Maybe Demme even saw a little of himself in George. Maybe he could have even become someone like George. But somewhere between Long Island and Los Angeles, Demme decided there was a fine line separating the tough from the tragic, and he'd rather be the guy telling the stories than the guy they tell stories about.

"Now, I'm a 37-year-old guy, and I look back and don't wanna be like those thug guys who were kickin' my ass on the field," he says. "For me, now, trying to be a semi-decent husband and friend and whatever the fuck I am..." He pauses, then grins. "I'm not a total goody-two-shoes, and I'm not a real badass either. I'm stuck in the middle somewhere, but at least I think I've seen both sides now. Now I can apply the good parts to what I want and get a little dirty when I want to."

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