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Blueseeds In The Desert

Comfortable, casual and ... coastal? In Phoenix? Yes, we know it's an odd combination in the desert, but Blueseeds, an Arcadia home store on Indian School Road, makes it work and then some.

Owner Carla Bonner grew up on the East Coast and her aesthetic -- with cool tones, easy styling and natural fibers -- influences but never overwhelms this eclectic shop.

Blueseeds carries furniture, lamps, rugs and home accessories and has two interior designers on staff.

Check out what we'd take, what we'd leave and why we'd go back after the jump...

Five Things We're Taking Home:

1. Woven cotton tote bags by Dash & Albert - $58. Durable, useful and downright affordable.
2. Antiqued crosses and candle holders - $25-$59. The crosses could be mistaken for small headstones but they're the perfect combination of a little creepy but cool.​
3. Zinc tabletop chalk and magnet board - $25. Menus, messages, photos - endless options with simple styling.
4. Down East Doormat - $50-$80. Indestructible, colorful doormats made from recycled float-rope that would've ended up in a landfill.
5. Antique bread boards from England - $110. Function with a patina you won't find at Crate & Barrel.

Four Things On Our Wish List:

1. Artwork by LA designer Peter Dunham - $1,095. Graphic and interesting prints on craft paper.
2. Eastwood Log Tables - $475. We could probably make them ourselves...but why bother?
3. Dash & Albert Rugs - prices vary. You've got serious problems if you can't find a rug you like in this collection.
4. Handmade Figures by Maine artist Sally Savage - price upon request. Quirky without being predictable.

We'll Pass On This...

Carved Horse Head - $325. Maybe "The Godfather" ruined horse heads for us, or maybe it's because this also looks strangely like a clown (another dislike.) Whatever. We'll leave it for someone else.

A Reason To Go Back...

Blueseeds is diverse enough that we're never quite sure what we'll discover here - and we need more options like this in Phoenix.

4108 E. Indian School Road (602) 952-1342

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