One new idea for every day in 2011. We're talking big, small, local, international, in action, and on the drawing board. Here's today's -- what's yours?

Last year, Phoenix-based photographer Bob Carey had an idea:

I was going to take a picture every day. 
In the rain. In the sun. When I was tired. When I was exhilarated.
When I had no idea what to photograph. 
When I didn't want to, and when I did. 
One picture.
Because I am a photographer, and photographers need to take pictures.
I found 365 things to cherish, to ponder, to laugh and to wonder about.
Carey's idea isn't original -- 365 pictures and picture-a-day projects are documented on Tumblrs, Flickrs, and Twitter accounts all over the world -- but Carey's eye for a beautiful moment is. 

See a few of his favorites in the video he released yesterday, after the jump ...

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Claire Lawton
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