Bob Saget on Cuddling with John Stamos and Why He Isn't as Filthy as You Think

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How do the other two feel about that? Well, she's thrilled, but I have three of them, so there was a little bit of discrepancy. But it's very nice. It's a fun thing to do. I'm doing a bunch more stand-up now, and I just finished, I was up all night putting the finishing touch on my book.

I was hoping it was a more scandalous story as to why you were up all night. You don't know how much more I would have enjoyed a scandalous story.

It's a memoir, right? Going over the chronology of your career? It is, but not really. It's a memoir that does the bullet points of what people want to hear about, whether it be Entourage or stand-up. There are chapters about that, but it's a comedy book, so like a very long monologue. [laughs] I'm proud of it. I say a lot of things that are pretty personal. It's really about death and comedy and how they intersect. We've had a lot of death in our family.

Right. So that's kind of what it is. Survival. How you get through death and how comedy was something that helped me get through it.

But all my time [is] concentrated [on stand-up] now -- like coming to Stand Up Live is an oasis that's the way I'm looking at it. It's almost like a trip to Hawaii for me.

Oh, wow, Phoenix is flattered. I've been working so hard and writing and a bunch of other stuff has come up -- you know, life's pitfalls of your parents and their health and all that normal stuff.

Is your mom doing all right, though? She's okay. She's been better. My goal is to keep her alive until she's 250 years old.

That's a really good idea. Yeah, I think it's gonna . . . we'll just get some Febreze and prop her up properly and she'll be fine.

She's good to go. Yeah. And we'll have her in the foyer to greet people. And maybe pre-record her in case she's off that day.

You've got it all planned out. [laughs] But anyway, I love playing that club. I've only played it once before, [but] I just love that room and I love Phoenix a lot. I've done a lot there at Celebrity Theatre. [But] how many times can you play in the round? It makes you very paranoid.

This time, I'm bringing my buddy Mike Young. And Mike has really blown up. He directed this movie called My Man Is a Loser, and he sold a pilot to HBO. We've gone out on the road for years and we just love each other, so it'll be a strong show.

I'm looking forward to it. It's a very heightened-energy club. I'm trying to come up with a lot of new stuff to talk about -- which is difficult because of my last special. People want to see some of that stuff, and they also want a couple songs from That Ain't Right. I do a best-of when I can, but I also need to hone some new stuff. It's a process, and that's why I go to the clubs that I like where I can get four shows out in a weekend. Be a little indulgent and work on some new things.

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