Bombers Away

We were a-driving down the road a piece the other day when we were struck by an image of a dying Phoenix -- a town that existed before various Gestapo-esque organizations (read: HOAs) and hoity-toity developers done cleaned the place right up, a more sparsely populated outpost once filled with shitmobiles crawling down the road like mechanical tortoises, spewing exhaust and leaving behind ponds of oil larger than all of the Greenville, South Carolina, Auto Zone parking lots combined. But don’t get too nostalgic, Phoenicians. We can just go down to Tucson to see all of that.

One beacon to our ex-redneck past can be found during the Manzanita Speedway 56th Annual Anniversary Race Weekend, which will showcase midgets, dirt modifieds, and bombers racing on Manzanita's clay oval.

Aug. 24-25, 8 p.m.
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Steve Jansen
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