Bong Otter Comics Is "A Dope Idea"

Local cartoonists Brandon Huigens and Jeff Owens want you to think that their Bong Otter comics series is funny, even when you're stone freaking sober.

You may know the two from around town, especially on the comedy and comics beat. Since 2007, Owens has been sculpting a daily autobiographical comic called Screw Jeff Owens. Huigens is part of the Male Pattern Radness music/comedy duo and one of the main cats behind the live-action Femocracy PHX comedy series. More recently, his six-minute The Adventures of Fruits the Cat: The Movie won Best Film at the Phoenix Comicon's 2010 Arizona Creators Challenge.

According to Huigens, the Bong Otter collaboration came about when he and Owens were feeling nice and baked from the ganja. "On one such occasion," Huigens says, "I thought up Bong Otter. It seemed like a pretty decent word joke when I was high. This was probably about a year ago."

Owens marinated on the idea for a minute, and then suggested that the weed-inspired idea be a partnership deal. Explains Huigens, "I figured since we're both committed marijuana enthusiasts, it might be a dope idea. It's such a nonsensical, pliable premise that it really allows us to do whatever we want creatively without worrying about dicking up continuity. Plus, I dig out-of-context jokes. With Bong Otter, there's rarely unmanageable context. Essentially, the concept revolves around the random shit you think of while you're high."

"The test, of course, is whether or not other people think it's funny once it gets out of your head," adds Huigens.

Well, what do you think? Funny? Not funny? Funny-ish? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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Steve Jansen
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