Boogie Night

FRI 3/19
Ah, spring -- when the poppies bloom and the pheromones swirl at downtown's Alwun House. The 21st annual Exotic Art Show sends the kids to bed early one last night, this Friday, March 19, when the Exotic Dance Ball closes out the monthlong art show. The adults-only party might be costume-optional, but Alwun House founder Kim Moody expects enough leather, lace, whips, chains and carnal pleasures to fill the S&M section at Castle Boutique. And if the sights alone don't warm your loins, the dance performances will. Capoeira a Mealva opens the ball at 8 p.m. with its ballet of Brazilian martial arts. Performances by Opendance (pictured), Unity in Motion, and Infinite Momentum, as well as a solo piece by Michelle Ceballos, make way for an open dance floor, where DJ Black Sugar spins until the doors close at 1 a.m. The House party happens at 1204 East Roosevelt. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 the day of the event. For more information, call 602-253-7887 or see -- Joe Watson

Osbourne Again
Local band rocks the Sabbath

SAT 3/20
Honoring the Sabbath, the local rockers of Steppchild morph into "Black Steppchild" this Saturday, March 20, at Long Wong's, 701 South Mill in Tempe. The trio's tribute to Black Sabbath -- its early Ozzy days in particular -- promises to deliver appropriate attire and attitude. "Immaculate Deception," indeed. Cover is $4. See -- Jill Koch

Bon Joviality
Party for a good cause in Tempe

SUN 3/21
Binge and splurge: The charitable can chug some 250 varieties of wine, liqueur and microbrews -- and feast on food from 30 restaurants -- this Sunday, March 21, when Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley present "Bon Vivant." Spirits run high from 5 to 8 p.m. at Tempe's SRP PERA Club. See for tickets, $70. -- Jill Koch

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