Borderline Disorder

In the hotbed that is Arizona politics, there's always something new to protest. Recently, the "papers please" portion of Senate Bill 1070 was upheld and declared ready for implementation – a major blow to immigration activists and civil rights advocates. That controversial bill is one of many things that led activist-turned-filmmaker Lourdes Lee Velasquez to make the documentary The Immigration Paradox.

“The project was inspired from the lack of solutions to immigration while our humanity was placed on hold,” Vasquez says. “After witnessing the division, anger, and heated rhetoric within my community, I decided to document my investigation of why we continue to repeat this vicious cycle in history.”

In the film, Vasquez seeks the expertise of historians, migrants, activists, and others to get to the heart of immigration problems in America. "I hope people realize the power we have within, especially if we act collectively," Vasquez says of the impact she wants her film to have.

Thu., Sept. 27, 6:30-10 p.m., 2012
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